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My character Brell (an archer with extraordinary jumping skills) was found on the Leafcull server, where my guild (at first "Brellclan", then in other and later games "The Legion of Honor") ended up with a mansion just outside Baishi. Our moto - as written by our clan scribe Moira - was: "To aid and protect thus honor". I believe our clan was apprx. 2500 members at it's peak, and some of us are in contact to this day. My second character was a mage named Rune.

I had a couple of secondary characters - mostly mules - none of which were especially notable, except perhaps Brellbot, which was the first script-run bot in Dereth. She could look up locations based on maes and hand out coordinates. She functionned as an item exhange (hand her a note or an item and she would exchange it for something else), and she would summon a portal to a number number of locations. You could even pay her in pyreal and get her to buff up your character and items. She was always free of charge to use for clan members. Eventually our clan migrated to AC2, but due to the limitations of allowing players to mix across continents (in an attempt to gather North American players on North American servers and European players to gather on european servers) Brellclan (now named The Legion of Honor) eventually migrated and other games (Dark Age of Camelot, World of Warcraft, Star Wars Galaxies, The Lord of the Rings Online, and a few more and in between).


A few of us are still connected via Facebook, and can be found here. Or you can find me on Facebook. With best regards, and see ya out there... Brell