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Step 1-Asheron's Call Installer

Install to default recommended directory C:\Turbine\Asheron's Call

Step 2-End of Retail .dat Files

Paste in C:\Turbine\Asheron's Call over the default files

Step 3-Required Files

.NET Framework Packages:

Windows 10 and 11:

  • Press Windows Key and search for "Turn Windows Features on or off  (Control Panel)"

  • Toggle .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.x on

Windows 8.1 and older:

Step 4-Decal (Optional)

Step 5-Decal Plugins (Optional)

*Decal installation required

Several older Decal Plugins use .dll files that might be blocked by the latest .NET update.  Navigate to the plugin .dll on your computer, right-click and go to Properties (Windows 11, More Options then Properties).  Select the General tab and check the box to "Unblock" at the bottom in the Security section.

Step 6-4K Monitor Setup  (Optional)

Go to Properties on aclient.exe, Compatibility, Change high DPI settings.  Check Program DPI.  Login game and change resolution to 2560x1440. 

*Decal installation required

*Mag-Tools required

*Mag-Filter required

How to create an account and login?

ACE Servers

By default creates account on first login attempt unless changed by Server Administrator

GDLE Servers

Harvestbud:    (3 Account Limit)


For additional assistance, reach out in the appropriate Discord Channel

Public links to Discord can be found



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