To install Asheron's Call you can use the batch installation file created by the ACCPP and it will download all the files needed plus Decal, Virindi Tank, MagTools and various plugins (.dll style plugins still have to be manually added to Decal using the Add button within the application and browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Decal Plugins\.dll Plugin Only). 

For a manual installation you can use the

ACE Guide:



GLDE Guide:


Decal & Various Plugins:

Which server to choose?

There are 2 different server types-ACE and GDLE, so try to make a mental note of the type when you choose.

You can try to reconnect with old friends/clanmates via our character lookup tool:


Try looking them up on TreeStats:

You can also use TreeStats Population on the main page to gauge server size and active players.

How to create an account and login?

Most ACE style servers will automatically create an account on login.  So just pick type whatever you want your username and password to be in the fields and hit login.


Harvestbud:    (3 Account Limit)

HighTide (PK):    (3 Account Limit)

Reefcull:    (3 Account Limit)

For additional assistance, reach out in the appropriate Discord Channel

Public links to Discord can be found here